Quality Care Shouldn’t Eat Up Your Whole Deductible

We will help you understand your benefits, your treatment, and your bills. You will see only extensively trained physical therapists at lower treatment prices.

Charges to insurance companies for 9 Visits of Physical Therapy

(This is before discounts are applied from each individual insurance)

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Charges You May See On Your Bill

CPTDescriptionOST Charge
to Insurance
Average charges
of competitors
near OST Clinics
Charges Are:
Charges are from
June 2016.
97001Initial Evaluation
$140$21956% more
$59$9053% more
97140Manual Physical
$60$8338% more
$58$9157% more
97530Therapeutic Activity$57$8244% more

These charges are gross charges and do not include the discounts that each insurance company applies to these charges. These rates are current as of June 2015.

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy (OST) publishes their charges because we want to empower consumers to “shop around” for their health care. Comparing apples to apples, OST provides quality care that doesn’t hurt your pocketbook.

*Average charges are a composite of 13 different competitors, private and hospital systems, that are near OST clinics.

Why are OST charges so much lower?


1) Less overhead. OST only specializes in physical therapy. We are not paying for a hospital wing, the expensive machines, the doctors, and so on. We put as much money as we can into maintaining superior outcomes and ensuring our therapists have the most current training.


2) OST does not raise their charges because their competition does. We put our patients first.

How Do Charges Affect Me?


Charges affect those that have no insurance, a high deductible
or any deductible at all, or pay a percentage of their visits.