The OST Difference: Effective and Affordable, Part III

Effective AND Affordable?


Usually affordable and healthcare are not used in the same sentence. Insurance costs are rising, employees see their paychecks getting smaller as their premiums rise. That is only the beginning. Your insurance may have a deductible, co-pay and limitations of what type of care you receive.

If you are like most, you groan everytime you see an explanation of benefits from your insurance company and the corresponding statement from your physician’s office. The costs of healthcare are shocking.  The adjustments your insurance company takes from the physician charges and the resulting write-offs are mind boggling.  One thing that does come out of these bills is transparency.  Of course, this is after the services have been performed.  

OST believes in transparency upfront.  Below are charges for the most common physical therapy codes.  These codes are universal.  

CPT Description OST Charge to Insurance Co. Avg. Charge of competitors to Insurance Co. Competitor’s Charges are:
97001   Initial Eval. $140 $219 56% more
97110  Therapeutic Exercise $59 $90 53% more
97140 Manual Physical Therapy $60 $83 38% more



$58 $91 57% more
97530 Therapeutic Activity $57 $82 44% more

As of January 2015.

Why do we publish our charges?  We want our consumers to know what charges are upfront so that there are no surprises.

Focus on Expertise

Since opening the Green Bay clinic in 1990, we have set ourselves apart from other clinics by providing physical therapists with a generous continuing education allotment.

OST offers in-house courses for their physical therapists.  OST has hosted 12 Myopain Seminars  in dry needling since 2012.  Recently, OST hosted a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) weekend course for our physical therapists. In the next 12 months we plan on hosting more dry needling courses throughf Myopain Seminars and additional Michigan State Osteopathic Medicine courses.

These courses help your physical therapists to evaluate and treat their patients with a wide variety of knowledge and skills.  Knowledge and expertise leads to effective treatment and outstanding outcomes.  During a patient’s course of treatment, they will learn about their condition, what activities affect their condition, as well-as exercises and life-style changes to use outside of their therapy appointments so they can help control their outcome.

To summarize, OST provides affordable healthcare from extensively trained physical therapists. The final blog of “The OST Difference” series will published June 4.

OST’s goals include:

  • Providing the level of customer service you deserve. (May 14 blog)
  • Seeing patients within 24 hours of referral or when its convenient. (June 4 blog)
  • One-on-one care. (May 4 blog)
  • A customized treatment plan for your condition. (June 4 blog)
  • Timely communication between your physician to get the best results for your plan of care. (June 4 blog)
  • Educating patients of their particular condition and instilling a sense of self-empowerment so the patient can be an active participant in their future care. (May 28 blog)
  • Providing effective and affordable healthcare. (May 28 blog)
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