WorkPlace Solutions™ is a division of Orthopedic & Spine Therapy and has access to a network of 18 physical therapy clinics throughout Wisconsin. Orthopedic & Spine Therapy manages these clinics.

WorkPlace Solutions™ has been partnering with employers for over 20 years to provide cost-effective, comprehensive physical therapy services and return-to-work programs. Our licensed physical therapists understand the impact of indemnity and medical costs, plus other incentives impacting the workers’ compensation system. Early treatment and/or a prevention program, an emphasis on return-to-work, and continued case management are areas of focus that we provide for our clients. We treat work-related injuries and/or illnesses and perform OSHA standard ergonomic assessments and training. We are considered experts in the functional job matching process with our return-to-work programs and our overall care for the employee. 


Trained, Licensed and Nationally-Recognized


Control the factors contributing to rising workers’ compensation claims and insurance premium costs. Orthopedic & Spine Therapy can help you provide superior workplace solutions to enhance your quality of business. We are trained and licensed by nationally recognized return-to-work programs.

We Train Your Employees 


We help companies reduce health costs by identifying Work Comp patients who are hurt on the job because they were not educated or trained properly on how to lift, bend or attach a widget.  Then we can go into that workplace and design ergonomics or wellness programs, for safer and more efficient movements.

Work Conditioning Boot Camp


We can also do programs such as Work Conditioning that simulates their work environment 3-5 times a week that gets them stronger faster and is supervised so they don’t hurt themselves again. Let’s create a custom boot camp strengthening system tailored to your business.

For more information on how WorkPlace Solutions™ can help your company, contact:

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WorkPlace Solutions™ Rehabilitation Services

Our WorkPlace Solutions division provides a tailored, specific to the injured worker, return-to-work program. We provide a cost-effective rehabilitation and consultation for businesses and their employees in north portion of Wisconsin. Our focus is in serving employees whose work capacity has been affected by functional limitations resulting from injury. Our rehabilitation staff specializes in work injury treatment, ergonomics and job site evaluations.

Acute work injury rehabilitation services include:

  • On-site or clinic Physical therapy tailored to your needs, the company as a whole or the injured worker.
  • Case management and return-to-work planning with the injured worker, company, case managers and claims representatives
  • Job-site services, including job analysis, ergonomic consultations, injury prevention education programs and transitional work (return-to-work) programming development
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) 
  • Development and implementation of pre-work or post-offer testing/screening.
  • Review of the job functional matching process (on-boarding) and the development of the functional job description
  • Lunch and learn seminars specific to your company
  • Ergonomic assessments and education, including stretching/wellness programs.

For injured workers with significant functional limitations and/or chronic conditions that require the injured worker to return to particularly physically demanding jobs, we also provide a comprehensive work conditioning program specific to their case. This program includes patient education, job task simulation and conditioning program.