Lynn’s journey from pain to recovery was filled with challenges that stemmed from an accident while she was on vacation in 2021. Her pain led her to discover an issue with her hip, ultimately requiring a complete hip replacement in August 2023. Her surgeon had told her she had no hip bone and her hip ball and socket had collapsed. Before her surgery, Lynn had to resort to using assistive devices like a cane and later a walker to alleviate the pain while walking. She favored leaning to the right while walking even with the cane and walker which caused pain in her right heel.

Earlier this year, Lynn sought medical help for persistent heel pain, which was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. The discomfort not only limited her physical activities like walking, standing, and sleeping, but also made simple tasks like bending, doing dishes, and making the bed challenging for her. Lynn had to entertain guests while seated, couldn’t drive due to the pain, and had to elevate her foot while sleeping to avoid aggravating the condition. Even navigating stairs presented difficulties.

In March 2024, Lynn sought help from Greg Mishica, PT, at Orthopedic & Spine Therapy in Menasha. Greg took the time to understand Lynn’s pain and goals for physical therapy. Lynn appreciated Greg’s patience, kindness, and sense of humor throughout her treatment. Despite Lynn’s initial confusion about the use of taping her back (when the pain was coming from her heel!), Greg assured her that it would help in addressing the root cause of her pain. With a variety of treatment methods, Lynn was able to make progress toward her recovery.

As a highly motivated and compliant patient, Lynn diligently followed the exercise regimen prescribed by Greg and has continued to do so daily. Her commitment to staying active has paid off! Today, Lynn is enjoying life to the fullest. She loves walking and is back to walking 16,000 steps a day. She’s also driving, sleeping, and doing her daily activities pain free.

With tears in her eyes, Lynn expressed her gratitude towards Greg, thanking him for giving her life back. She believes that his expertise and dedication to his patients make him a miracle worker. Lynn also shared her advice for anyone experiencing pain – don’t wait to seek care. She regrets not taking her symptoms seriously and living unnecessarily with the pain for months.

We hope Lynn’s story inspires others to prioritize their health and seek care when needed. Remember, early intervention can make all the difference in your recovery.

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