Winter Waddle Blog Post

Have you ever paid attention to how penguins are like humans? Some researchers say that penguins talk like us. Others will say that they used to be 5 ft. tall. We all know what to do when you get a card in charades that mentions a penguin. You straighten your arms and legs and take small steps more side to side than forwards. It looks funny, but walking like this may help you stay on your feet this winter.

Let’s take a look at what we can learn from penguins…

When penguins walk, they tend to waddle or walk more side to side than forwards. Partly because they have short legs, and partly because it is the best way for them to stay vertical on the ice.

Did you know that penguins have knees? They hide their knees in their stomach area. Keeping your knees slightly bent rather than completely straight will help you shift your balance from one leg to the other without limping.

A group of penguins in the water is called a raft. When a group of penguins is on land, they are called a waddle. Travel with someone when you have the chance.

Different species of penguins have different levels of feathers. No matter how many feathers they have, they can stay warm by huddling in groups. We need to remember to dress for the weather, and again, traveling with others will be warmer than traveling alone. 

Penguins will sometimes “toboggan” and slide on their bellies when they travel on ice by pushing themselves forward with their feet. If you fall, it is wise to not stand up immediately, but make sure you move to a spot free of ice before standing to avoid falling a second time. Try to avoid wet spots on the ground and take an alternate path when you see one that is accessible. Do not rush or look at your phone while you are walking to get somewhere. We would rather have you arrive safely than not arrive at all.

Penguins’ feet help them both in the water and on land no matter the temperature. Make sure that you have supportive shoes that have good tread to wear outside. Boots may not be the most fashionable shoes you own, but buy a pair and use them when the winter weather calls for them. You can always
bring a change of shoes for your physical therapy appointment.

Penguins do not have the luxury to attend physical therapy when they are falling out of their waddle. For you, it is as easy as clicking the button below or calling to schedule. You can talk about penguins in your session, but more importantly, you can work on your strength, balance, and coordination.

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