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Billing /Accounts Receivable Application

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy is currently hiring for Billing/Accounts Receivable positions:

Job Description
Billing/AR clerks will coordinate the billing and collection process in a professional and courteous manner between insurance companies, consumers (patients) and associates of OST. They will demonstrate efficiency and the ability to multitask in the performance of daily activities.

The expected outcome of this job is:

Organizational criteria:

1. Understand and adhere to the values of OST.
2. Practice the QBQ as told by John Miller.
3. Display a positive and professional attitude. Go the extra mile and find ways to
say “YES!”

Job Specific criteria:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of insurance company claims processing and payment
2. Efficiently manage the responsibilities associated with the billing and collections
3. Demonstrate accuracy with regards to entering charges, sending insurance
claims, sending patient statements, and processing insurance and patient
payments to ensure timely payment
4. Professionally address the billing issues of insurance companies and patients in
a timely and innovative manner.
5. Work positively in a team atmosphere between and with all members of OST.

Our Philosophy of Care

Our Purpose Is to Touch People’s Lives In a Very Positive Way

Your First Appointment the Day You Call
To make you comfortable, we can almost always schedule your first appointment the same day you call or the very next day. When requested by a physician, we make sure to see acute cases the same day.We Treat the Problems; Not the Symptoms
We use a combination of manual physical therapy, osteopathic evaluation and treatment techniques. In other words, our therapists use their hands to treat, as well as focus on identifying the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

You’ll Keep the Same Physical Therapist
To help you feel comfortable with your healthcare provider and maximize your “continuity of care,” you will see the same physical therapist at all appointments (except in rare circumstances).

We’re Always Learning
We have a strong belief in keeping our therapists on top of new treatment techniques and developments in the field. We spend more on continuing education than almost every other PT organization in the state.
We provide each therapist with $1,000 of continuing education to pursue their passions, plus a MedBridge subscription, plus 3-4 company-hosted, nationally recognized  courses per year. To maintain their license, 30 hours of continuing education (CE) is required every two years. At OST, our therapists averaged between 60 and 120 hours of continuing education annually. Learning is a priority, and the result is in our outcomes.


If you are interested in applying, please spend a few moments reviewing our philosophy of care section on the website as well as our Careers page, and then submit the application below. Our team will be in touch to schedule next steps.

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