The Power of CHOICE

The Power of CHOICE

Choices are difficult. Heck, I can barely decide what I want to eat for breakfast, much less figure out where I want to go for my healthcare needs. As part of the healthcare community, our goal is to educate our patients as well as the community about choice. Being an independent physical therapy clinic, Orthopedic & Spine Therapy strives to educate individuals on their healthcare choices. Just because the hospital points you in one direction, doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow.

This is the significance of the private practice industry. Supporting local private practices is essential to supporting therapists and physicians that work to bring effective and affordable healthcare to their communities. Private practices create an individualized environment for their patients where employees have a say on aspects such as decor, waiting room, and gym playlists, and have influence over the company’s overall philosophy. These clinics stem away from corporate branding splashed across white rooms with cold metal instruments. Private practice is individualized, not uniform. 

This individualized care allows patients to receive the highest quality healthcare at the lowest price. How? Private practice clinics typically employ fewer people than hospitals. This means that therapists and physicians have smaller patient loads, which is why your doctor, therapist, and even the front desk receptionist, know your first name. Smaller patient loads allow for a more personable experience versus being just another patient at a corporatized hospital. 

Having surgeries, therapy appointments, and other procedures completed through private practice clinics also drives down expenses since these procedures are being performed on low-risk patients at outpatient clinics. Hospitals drive up the costs to cover their expansive services, which not every patient needs to complete their plan of care. Site of service fees and reimbursement terms heavily increase hospital to patient costs by at least $3,000. Why should you be paying for services that you don’t need? 


When the doctor recommends that you need minor surgery, physical therapy, or specialized medical procedures, look into private practice clinics. You have the choice to go elsewhere, even if it’s outside of the hospital walls. Educating patients on their healthcare choices saves patients time, money, and provides them with the highest level of care on a personalized level. 

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