Dry Needling…Is it For Me?

Dry Needling…Is It For Me?

Dry needling has lately become a medical phenomenon, but while it has been reportedly considered a game-changer, there is one thing to consider. Is dry needling for you? 

Let’s break this down…

Not everyone is pro-needle. Anyone with a needle phobia or significant anxiety surrounding needles often perceives the treatment as threatening and painful. Coming from someone who does experience this exact fear, being needled isn’t the worst pain I have ever felt, it’s tolerable. The aspect of dry needling that caused discomfort was the “local twitch response” of the needle hitting trigger points. When the needle is inserted into a trigger point, the muscle knot breaks up and becomes loosened causing the body to twitch. Releasing a trigger point causes biomechanical and biochemical effects within the body. This bodily reaction helps restore blood circulation in the muscle, increases range-of-motion, reduces or eliminates pain, and causes the muscle to relax without tightness. 

Dry needling is extremely effective in resolving muscle tightness and pain within the neck, back, shoulders, arm, head, jaw, buttocks, and legs. Issues such as tennis elbow, migraines, TMJ, carpal tunnel, sciatica, hamstring strains, and backaches are usually treated with dry needling techniques. 

1.  Neck

2.  Back

3.  Shoulder

4.  Arm

5.  Head

6.  Jaw

7.  Buttocks

8.  Legs

So is dry needling for you? Absolutely! This technique solves a variety of musculoskeletal issues and isn’t restricted to anyone. Dry needling is an affordable method to eliminate pain in your life and is taking the necessary steps to live fully pain-free. Try it out! I promise you, it’s not as bad as it sounds. As I said, it’s tolerable. 

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